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About Us

Shanghai Wutong was founded in 1988. Our company specialized in designing and producting different types of transmission belt, transmission pulley, rubber products and metalworking. A series of transmission products our company independently developed have included in “The Spark Projects in Shanghai” and have got “Shanghai New Product Award”, “Technology Advancement Award”, “Famous and Good Products of Rubber Industry”, “Certification of Patent” etc... All these products have reached a advanced level of the domestic industry.

We also believe that strict, modern management system of enterprise and tropical service attitude make our company stronger and more activated. Our products are widely used in various transmission systems  industries, such as elevators, household appliances, automobiles, cigarette manufacturing, textile, chemical, machinery, electronics and steel .All the products are sold both at home and abroad.

Our company is continually appraised for “regarding contract, keep faith” until from 1990 “model unit of Shanghai” from 1993.Our company has passed authentication of ISO9001 and ISO14001. Shanghai Wutong will continue to insist the purpose“ Wutong synchronous belt, Synchronous Forever” to provide customer satisfactory services.

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