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Installation Guide

First, the installation of the timing belt, the center wheel must be two rounds can move, you must first shorten the center of the pulley, installed after the timing belt, and then the center from the reset. If there is a tight wheel, the first distance from the center to relax, and then install the belt, and then loaded on the tight wheel.
Second, to the belt with the timing belt, remember not to force too much, or with a screwdriver hard pry the timing belt to prevent the timing of the belt with the appearance of the layer is not aware of the phenomenon of breaking. When the pulley is designed, it is preferable to use a structure in which the two axes can move with each other. If the structure is not allowed, it is preferable to install the timing belt with the pulley on the corresponding shaft.
Third, the timing belt must be installed according to different models and bandwidth to be appropriate to tighten the force.
Fourth, the synchronous belt drive, the two wheel axis parallelism requirements are relatively high, otherwise the timing belt in the work will produce deviation, or even out of the pulley, the axis is not parallel will also cause uneven pressure, so that early wear teeth.
Fifth, support the pulley of the rack, there must be enough rigidity, otherwise the pulley in the operation will cause the two axes are not parallel.
6, synchronous belt operation, is strictly prohibited solid material into the alveolar, because the timing belt tensile layer allows a very small elongation, foreign body rolling into the timing belt can not be elongated in the case will be cut off.
7, at the start, the center from the change, belt relaxation, there will be jump teeth phenomenon, should check the pulley is loose, the axis of positioning is inaccurate. To be adjusted and reinforced.
8, the tight wheel must be installed on the back side of the belt.
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