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For the "conveyor belt" to improve the construction efficiency of praise

2017/2/24 0:00:00READING:1427

Science and Technology Daily News (Yang Guodong) "Do not underestimate this conveyor belt, and now live within the station more dry!" In the fleet of workers in the construction of the new equipment for the screening machine on the point of praise. Although large-scale machinery for the construction of railways to provide a guarantee, but some medium-sized screening machine in the station when the channel sieve line, clear out of the dirt in the artificial process of dumping easily spilled, polluting adjacent stock, affecting the construction efficiency. Shuozhou Municipal Engineering Section Line Section Jin Jianwen, after on-site investigation, follow-up operations, organization research team access to information, research projects on the demonstration, repeated on-site experiments, developed by the generator can cross the road transport lines Soil conveyor belt, the conveyor belt fixed to the specified location, by placing the soil on the conveyor belt, directly transported to the designated storage location outside the net, play a clean and efficient role, both provincial and environmentally friendly.
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